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Let Sleeping Bags Lie

The sequel to A LITTLE IN TENTS was filmed in the summer of 2018.

It was in April 2014, during a conversation in rehearsals for a second theatre tour of 'A Little in Tents', that a 'sequel' came up. Michael Wardle, who plays Ron, was explaining that while at drama school in the 1960s he and his fellow drama students were taught how to stage kiss. He went on to say, with some disappointment, that during his long acting career he had never put this in to practice either on stage or screen - having never had a wife or girlfriend to play opposite. This would easily be rectified, Claire would write a sequel and Ron would get a girlfriend! 'Let Sleeping Bags Lie' was promptly written, however on presenting the script to Michael there was one key piece of feedback. "It's all very good, love, very funny. There's just one thing missing and I think you know what I'm going to say ..." It was then realised there was no actual kissing written in to the play at all. Claire had forgotten the entire reason for writing this sequel!

It was at this time that Michaela Marshall, who played Michelle in all 3 theatre tours of 'A Little in Tents', began full time professional singing and therefore wouldn't be available for a sequel. As budget was paramount when touring plays and we kept cast sizes small, it made sense not to write the character of Michelle in 'Let Sleeping Bags Lie' and for the fourth character to be Ron's new girlfriend, Mandy. Happily Michaela Marshall did join us again to record the closing track for our film version of 'Blitz Bride'.


Widower Ron has a new lady friend, Mandy. After 47 years married to his beloved June, Ron's attempts

to get back in the dating game and woo Mandy are nothing short of clumsy. But what better way to win

her heart than to take her camping with his son, Simon and Simon's girlfriend, Jill. Not one for change, Simon isn't accepting of Ron's new love interest. To him she's loud, offensive and knows too many

mucky jokes. And she isn't June. Can a long weekend in two 2-man tents win Simon around and win Mandy's heart? And who will sleep in which tent? A tale of a 72-year-old man's search for

companionship and cuddles, without upsetting his son. 

From the writer & director of 'A Little in Tents' and 'Blitz Bride'.

Returning cast members; Michael Wardle as Ron, Richard Hollick as Simon, Claire Spratt as Jill and introducing Karen McCarthy as Mandy.

This is a stand alone play - it is not necessary to have seen 'A Little in Tents' prior to watching this.

Like 'A Little in Tents' this was originally written as a stage play for 4 actors, however cameo

appearances were made by a supporting cast throughout the film. 

Colin - Stan Boardman
Homeless man - Ken Morley
Alan - Derek Clarkson
Ruth - Sue Woodcock
Colin's date - Gayle Dennis
Jean - Christine Wilburn
Jean's sister - Margaret Sweeting
Evil builders - Stephen Wilburn, Stuart Kaye, Jon Wilcox
Journalist - Leanne Wilcox
Photographer - Sam Wilcox
Vicar - Rev Mike Huck
Feral children - Charlie Haller & Abbie Wilcox
Mechanic - Stuart Fell
Pub landlord - Dave Huntley
Locals in pub & at tree - John Sweeting, Alec Wraith, John Cressey,

     Frank Tasker, Ged Green,  Lily Green, Joseph Wilburn, Janet Park,

     Helen Butler, Mick Spratt, Jonathan Beetles.

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     Michael Wardle         Richard Hollick

        Claire Spratt           Karen McCarthy

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