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About Us

Starting out as touring theatre company, Planet Rabbit Productions, we toured and produced 23 plays & 4 events from

2008 to 2016. Our stage tours always stayed within Yorkshire, Lancashire, Lincolnshire, and Derbyshire. Keen to reach a wider audience with our plays, but unable to travel further than we already were, XANADU FILMS was formed in 2017 - with the intention of filming the stage plays on locations & purpose built sets and distributing them further afield, as well as screening them to our existing theatre audiences.

The plays are filmed in a theatre style, the scripts and actions are the same as on stage, using most of the original stage props, furniture and costumes.

ELO's song Xanadu was one of the tracks we played during a scene change on the stage tour of A Little in Tents. As this was to be the first play we filmed the name of the track came with us.

Please click here for the Planet Rabbit Productions website:

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