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A Little in Tents

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A LITTLE IN TENTS was first performed as a stage play in 2012, written and directed by Claire Spratt and staged by touring theatre company Planet Rabbit Productions. After three successful stage tours Claire and two of the original stage actors, Michael Wardle and Richard Hollick, discussed the possibility of taking this to a wider audience and making a full length feature film version of this popular play. Deciding to give it a go, a whole new adventure began with Xanadu's first film project.

Pensioner Ron and son Simon head off on a camping trip, despite neither of them having slept in a tent since a disastrous holiday in Bridlington thirty years ago. Ron is hoping for a relaxing break with a spot of fishing, Simon with a good book. All is going according to plan until a tent is pitched alongside theirs by chatterboxes Jill and Michelle, which promptly stamps out any tranquillity. This is not quite the outdoor experience any of them envisaged but as they all appear to have their own reasons to stay put, they stick it out. With each of them burdened with life's sorrows, will any of them find the peace they are truly searching for? And will Ron ever catch a fish?  Full of laughter, tears, tenderness and a dollop of campsite capers.

Theatre audience comments:
"It's a belter!"
"Funny, poignant and a great cast. A Little In Tents was top notch!"
"I want to watch it again!"
"Belly laughs galore"
"Brilliant. Managed to incorporate incredibly poignant moments with great emotional depth, yet still produce a really funny show"
"Can't recommend it more. Funny script played out by an excellent cast"

Two of the original stage cast have reprised their roles in the film. MICHAEL WARDLE, (long established stage actor, Parkin the farmer in Withnail & I and Gordon, Lynn's boyfriend, in I'm Alan Partridge), as Ron and RICHARD HOLLICK, (seasoned stage actor, plus commercials and tv roles in Coronation Street & Hetty Wainthropp), as Simon. Joining them were SALLY IRELAND, (University of Central Lancashire graduate) as Michelle and the script writer CLAIRE SPRATT as Jill. Plus an impressive supporting cast who joined the screenplay version.

This film was shot in East Yorkshire from May to July 2017. It had a public screening in Howden,

East Yorkshire, in October 2017.

Supporting cast:

Fisherman: Tommy Cannon & Bobby Ball

Campsite Owner: Duggie Brown

Derek: Tony Howes

Sponge: Nick Emery

Young Jill: Holly-Robyn Harrison

Young Ron: David Eliot Cooper

Young June: Valerie Bundy

Short Camper: Albert Wilkinson

Lydia: Amy Mell

Simon aged 8: James Sweeting

Simon aged 13: Joseph Wilburn

Cow Farmer: Stephen Wilburn

June: Elaine Wraith

Lady at toilet: Jackie Grimwood

Man at toilet: Chris Parker

Young Michelle: Millie Raymond

Friendly dog: Rufus Sweeting 

Background: John Sweeting, Alec Wraith, John Cressey,

     Frank Tasker, Ged Green, Jean Butler, Annie Hanrahan,

     Ambrose Spratt, Selwyn Butler, Leanne, Jon and Abbie Wilcox.

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   Michael Wardle           Richard Hollick

       Sally Ireland              Claire Spratt

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