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Blitz Bride

BLITZ BRIDE was first performed as a one-act stage play in 2011, written and directed by Claire Spratt and staged by touring theatre company Planet Rabbit Productions. Based on the true anecdotes of Claire's maternal grandmother, Annie Hanrahan, this is the first of four plays written around Annie's stories. 

In July 2011 it was performed at the Buxton Festival Fringe, receiving a nomination for Best Production. This was followed by a tour in August 2011 and a tour in October 2011, finishing with a sell out show.

From May to October 2012 'Blitz Bride' visited many war weekends with some standing room only performances. In 2014 it was revamped and became a full-length stage musical, which also toured to packed houses. Now it becomes a film!

It's wartime Britain and ATS girl Ruby is set to marry Henry. However, to avoid her being posted abroad, this may be sooner than planned - at least if Henry and her dad Arthur have anything to do with it. As she's stationed away from home, it's left to her mother Peggy and her heavily pregnant best friend Nancy to organise the wedding in only a few weeks. Based on true anecdotes and full of nostalgia and laughter. 

'Blitz Bride' was filmed on a purpose built film set and on location in East Yorkshire during April 2018.

Theatre audience comments:

"Brilliant. Best thing I've seen in ages!" 

"Fabulous show. Would recommend to anyone"

"OUTSTANDING!!! As good as, if not better than, West End shows I have attended. Superb cast & characters!!"

"Brill. Telling anyone who will listen about Blitz Bride. Awesome. Brought a tear to our eyes. Could easily watch again tonight, we loved it"

"The dog was absolutely wonderful, had me in stitches. Very good"

"Fantastic - what fun. Loved every moment. We had a dog just like Rover as children!!

"A really excellent play, performed beautifully. Will recommend to others"

"Wanted to congratulate everyone for a really enjoyable performance of Blitz Bride. Excellent script, beautifully performed with well-timed comic delivery and all the more effective for its basis in fact."

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  Rochelle Halsall     Claire Spratt

                    Holly Hearn


Cast pictured on set with Mrs Annie Hanrahan, 

the real Blitz Bride.

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